Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Berryhill Bake-Off: Results are IN!

our med school student lounge, in a building called berryhill, had a grand re-opening of sorts this week. they put pictures on display that students had submitted in a photo competition, had free food, and even a baking contest! how sneaky - a baking contest, to help stock up on goods to serve without paying for them... tricky tricky!

either way, it was super fun and gave me an excuse to bake after my TWO FINALS in one day (woe is me). several classmates and friends also entered, so i wanted to feature some of their ever-so-delicious entries. seriously, i may have contracted diabetes (but it was so worth it). unfortunately i didn't get a picture of everything, but you get the idea. check them out, but forgive the crappy photos (definitely forgot my camera - hello snobby iphone pictures, hastily formatted in a picasa collage):

wait... what's that? you wanna know who the winner was? well, it was....
jennifer's delicious carrot cupcakes! alex's strawberry-rhubarb pie came in a close 2nd (sadly, no picture), and yours truly rounded it out in 3rd place with lemon-coconut cupcakes with a salted saffron buttercream (that's india in a cupcake for you) - recipe to follow tomorrow! 

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