the baker

well, first things first: i'm a medical student. and it takes over my life. i had a thing for baking when i was in college, but it took flight last year during my first year in med school. i had exams every other monday, and god knows when they were over, i needed something sweet.

so, i started baking things. easy things at first - i cared more about presentation so i just whipped up a boxed cake mix and spent time making it pretty. my class got a taste of my first creation: chocolate sunflower cupcakes! it was only uphill from there. now people wonder when i'll get stressed again so i can pump out something pretty :)

these days, i've been more interested in mixing flavors and adding on to easy recipes (yes - i'm still a stickler for boxed cakes. lets be honest, nothing i make from scratch is going to taste that good. plus i'm a poor student, so leave me alone!). who knows what i'll do next. my only rules are baking when i want, how i want, and with what i want. 

whether this blog will hold up is beyond me. it won't be anything as fancy as some of my faves, like bakerella or the pioneer woman. but at least there will be pretty pictures of baked goods to salivate over :) enjoy!


  1. I wish I had your energy. You go girl! It's wonderful to see someone do something they enjoy. I'll be watching for some great receipes.
    Love you,

  2. crazy.. never pictured sonya "the baking fanatic with a baking blog." but i LIKE it :) hope to try some of your creations.

  3. hi sonyaben! thanks for the happy birthday comment! i can't believe i'm turing 11! it's really cool! how's school? you know, i want to be a doctor too. well, hope you had a good birthday as well as a happy new year! love you!

  4. Sonya +3 baking skills, +5 badass. Tres cool, I will have to share this with some of my foodie friends!


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