Sunday, April 17, 2011

Introducing Bly, the Baker!

every now and then, i babysit for the sweetest kid you've ever met: Bly. he is the most precious thing! seriously, i look forward to watching after him for a few hours, and even get kind of bummed if a gig is cancelled at the last minute. he is thoughtful, adorable, well behaved, hilarious - AND, he's a wolfpack fan. a boy after my own heart!

i spent the morning hanging out with him yesterday, and we had tons of fun. we perused the mall, saw the easter bunny, played in the mini jungle-gym, and wore ourselves out. you know what else we did? we baked. i mean, why wouldn't we? it's only the most fun you can have on a saturday morning, making a huge mess (with only 2 ingredients, mind you) while still making delicious pumpkin muffins - and then getting to brag about it to mommy and daddy later :)

i got a chance to snap a few photos on my phone, so i thought id share - you might not even be able to handle him in all his cuteness, but try. its so worth it!

mixing the ingredients: 1 box of spice cake mix + 1 can (15oz) of pumpkin.
it was even messier than it looks. there was cake mix everywhere, and i spent the rest of the morning finding bits of pumpkin all over the place (including all over me). sweet little reminder!
"look at my gloves, sonya!" priceless! 
i let him try some of the dough... he took that as license to lick his hands every five seconds thereafter.
tada! baked at 350F for 12ish minutes.
these muffins are so quick and easy, they last a while, and even taste better with age. better yet, they are a TON of fun to do with a little bugger like bly. according to his mom, he was bragging about his accomplishment to other folks that same night :) absolutely love this kid.

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