Monday, July 4, 2011

So official!

look at THIS: i got me a "lookbook"! how you like me now?!

okay okay so its not thaaat official. shutterfly was running a promotion where you could get a free 8x8 hardcover photobook. all you had to do was pay shipping - so i got a $29.99 book for the shipping cost of $8.99. sweet right?? it was kind of a rushed effort because i did it last week during our "transition" to 3rd year, and at that, i did it on the last day of the promotion. i didn't have time to take the watermarks out of the pictures and rearranging them and cropping them in the photobook program proved to be a little more involved than i had anticipated. still, i super like the end result.

i snapped a few pics on the phone (didn't have much time for a fancy setup - currently blogging from housing in greensboro, a bit anxious about starting my first day on the wards - pediatrics, yes!) i'll let you scroll and savor the beauty of the book. its just a few random pages, but you'll recognize all the pictures from past posts.

how fun.

well - i will be out of the baking scene for a while. don't have access to all my fancy pans and kitchen gadgets, slash don't have the time. but i'll be sure to back-blog a little from the pre-blog era. and of course, brace yourself for some awesome friends of mine who will be guest blogging!

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