Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pioneer Woman on Food Network!

okay this isn't a recipe post. will you ever forgive me? i thought i'd have more time during rotations...

HAHA. holy moly that was a good joke. clarification, if you didn't pick up on it: im pretty sure i KNEW i wasn't gonna have time. which kind of sucks, for me probably moreso than you since this is my therapy and such.

but no worries - one of my fave bloggers, the pioneer woman, is getting her own show on food network! she is awesome - an "accidental cowgirl" who blogs about food, life on a ranch, photography, and more. so, if the hoards of you following this blog (again with the sarcasm) are distraught over the lack of recipes, be sure to watch on saturday, august 27th at 11:30a for the premiere! im kind of super excited!

in the meantime, check her latest dessert post for peach parcels - how freakin cute!

how gorgeous - even her hair matches her kitchen. no. fair. 

recipe post soon - yo te prometo!

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