Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Wedding!

one of my bestest, brittany j. - wait, now it's brittany m. - is married! can't believe it. brittany and i grew closer during our senior year of college when we were on the same senior design team for our biomedical engineering project. now, we're "med school bffs." she's a riot - super real and super laid back, and i love her! i love her so much i went to a wesley foundation (methodist thing) shindig with her in college once, as a project for my religion class. those of you who know me, know that i get a little worked up around "very christian christians." not on purpose - i've just had some negative experiences in the past. but brittany's one of those people who helped me past the judgment. so much so that i hardly even remember that her now-husband is a pastor! drew = also very cool. he even took part of his congregation to the temple i go to! the two of them together are just a superb pair and i couldn't be happier for them :) 

needless to say, when brittany asked me to be a bridesmaid, i was stoked. granted i was pretty bad at bridesmaid duties since we started rotations and all, but she's forgiving! at one point during all the planning, we talked about home-making cupcakes instead of having a wedding cake - as you can imagine, that got me real excited. my infatuation with cupcakes is endless. the plan included brittany whipping up a bajillion box-mix cupcakes and me coming through the day before the wedding to slather on all the frosting. 

yeah. we did NOT do that. 

brittany got her mind right and had someone else make the cupcakes. everyone else was right - it was kind of crazy to think we'd do all that the day before the wedding! so, brittany hired stephanie morris of "for cake's sake" to batter up 175 cupcakes for the big day. and there you have it - delicious, incredibly flavorful cupcakes adorned brittany's custom decorated cake stand. and they were a hit! 

isn't this display cute?? notice: cake toppers = sammy the cat and aiden the dog. best. pets. ever. 

lucky me there were a few leftover cupcakes, so i got to try each flavor: vanilla, lemon, red velvet with cream cheese, and chocolate with peanut butter. good thing, too, because they're all kind of my favorite flavors. is that possible? i mean "favorite" implies only 1, right? ... yeah, lets not over-analyze this. anything with sugar is my "favorite." that's 1 category, so it'll do. thanks, stephanie, for indulging all us sweet tooth's with your tasty creations! 

me with the beautiful bride :) 
congrats brittany and drew! love you both. 

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