Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The King, has arrived!

haaapppyyy mardis gras! this non-french tradition is usually celebrated with "king cakes," a bundt with classic colored sprinkles and a trinket baked inside. whoever finds the trinket hosts the next party. i like this tradition. but i also like breaking away from tradition - so, i made king cupcakes. and sadly, i did not bake a trinket inside, because honestly, something doesn't sit right with me and the thought of heating plastic inside my cake. just sayin'.

with these cakes, i attempted to be yummy and summery by making peach cupcakes with a blueberry frosting. leeeets just say that the cake turned out fine with a few peach chunks.. but the boxed cake mix over powered any hope of real peach flavor. as for the blueberry frosting, turns out its hard to get a lot of blueberry in a cream cheese frosting without having to add boatloads of sugar so that its pipe-able. plus, i only had half a pound of powdered sugar and no desire to go get more... so i tried pulverizing granulated sugar in a blender, but had no patience. so my frosting got a wee bit crunchy. just a wee bit.

needless to say, im going to have to try this recipe again before i post it. however, i thought you may want to see how the cupcakes themselves turned out! i had the perfect yellow and green liners (i have been stocking up lately, its nice to have the perfect set on hand!). all i needed was a little purple (calling all blueberries), but since i had to limit the blueberries, i used some violet icing color to tint it some more. pipe a "crown" using a star tip and voila: king cupcakes.

feast your eyes!

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  1. Hi Sonaben!!!
    My cousin from my dad's side, Pari, says it's beautiful. She'll probably say that for each of your pictures I'll show her!!!


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