Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas – Haaappy Hooolidays!

don’t just read the title of this post – sing it – like n’sync would.

oh to grow up in the 90s.

on that note, i thought you might like to see some cupcakes i pumped out with the cousins a few days ago. i had really high hopes for these “hi hat cupcakes” (pun intended). instead, a number of things went wrong:
  1. for the second time this week, i overcooked my cupcakes and they stuck to the wrapper.
  2. i didn’t realize i had to cook the frosting, with a hand blender, for 12 minutes.
  3. the heat wasn’t high enough, so i actually cooked the frosting, with a hand blender, for 30 minutes. ow.
  4. after all that, my frosting still sucked. tasted like marshmallow sand – so gritty.
  5. when piped, the frosting didn’t stand as tall as i would have liked.
  6. BUT – the decor turned out cute anyway. even though i had intended on all christmas trees, i ended up with a few elf hats secondary to lopsided frosting.
no worries folks – we ate them all anyway!

now eat and be merry!

BTG Christmas Cupcakes-001

BTG Christmas Cupcakes

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